Monday, November 23, 2009

Countdown! 26 days till Wedding!

Yep, I'm breaking blog silence in readiness to burst into action. Less than a month until Vows Day and I think there's still plenty to be done.

On my mind at the moment - schedules and lists.

To Do List (MoH style)
Make and Distribute schedules
Bachelorette Party Invites
Make a "To Pack" List
Shop for Bridal Makeup
Check on wedding day transportation
Shop for wedding nail polish
Charge camera battery
Reunite with bridesmaid dress

Now having published my to-do's hopefully I'll start crossing things off.

Note on Bacheloretting - Bachelorette party to immediately follow the rehearsal dinner at my family's house in Manteno. All ages welcome, everyone is welcome to stay the night. Beds available first come first serve. More info to follow :)


Sara The Bride said...

Yay! The blog is back up and running! I have your bridesmaid dress in safe place out of the reach of puppies who like to chew on bags and fabric :-). You shall be reunited soon...did you want us to iron it?

Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

Don't worry about ironing, I'll take care of it :) Can't wait!!